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How launching my first website changed my life

It all started eleven years ago with a simple Wordpress blog.

My best of 2020: A year in review

A look back at everything I accomplished this past year.

Evolving your cloud-cost strategy as you scale

A framework for thinking about cloud-cost strategies at different stages of your company's growth.

5 things I learned writing my first full-length play

My first full-length play was produced in NYC in 2019. Here's what I learned throughout the two-year writing process.

Daily Driver Task Management System

A robust task management system designed for people who have trouble sticking with task management systems. A cross between bullet journaling, GTD, and a simple to-do list.

An exhaustive list of my favorite things in 2018

A look back at 2018 through the lens of all the things I used, consumed, or enjoyed. From books to apps to tools to media, and everything in between.

All the world’s an ad, and we are merely watchers

New technology enabling the insertaion of ads into video content may be coming soon.

Canary in the coal mine

First they came for Gawker...

My best of 2016: A year in review

A look back at everything I accomplished this past year.

My best of 2015: A year in review

A look back at all the things I produced and consumed in 2015.

How to install a new WordPress theme

Depending on your flavor of Wordpress (.com or .org) you may have trouble installing a third-party theme.

Being plucked from obscurity

So much depends on luck. Yet it doesn't feel like luck when it happens to you.

How I built and promoted WorkBurst, my first OS X app

How I built my first OS X app from scratch, and got press on launch day.

Pitching journalists: 5 things your competitors aren’t doing

As a former tech journalist, I share some tips for getting noticed by the press.

The time I was almost drawn into a Futurama episode

The story of how waited just a little too long and missed my chance to be drawn into a Futurama episode.

My best of 2013

A look back at everything I discovered, learned, read, wrote, made, and accomplished in 2013.

My best of 2012

A look back at 2012. My first yearly-review post.

Epiphanies I had while teaching myself to code

A few early epipanies I had after a year of playing with code.