Canary in the coal mine

By Dann Berg

Published or Updated on

Christopher Glazek writing for _The Outline _:

“The problem is that with Gawker gone there was no one around willing to proudly play the heel and do the wrong thing.” While publishing the full dossier might have been off-brand for Vox, we should be grateful that BuzzFeed is filling some of the vacuum left by Peter Thiel’s vengeful erasure of the political left’s most influential rumor board.

The outcome of the Gawker lawsuit, and subsequent shuttering of the website, was the canary in the coal mine. We now have a president who hates the media, who now has a very recent playbook for taking publications down.

Fighting fake news with fake news is not the answer. The political left is still trying to figure out how to ethically combat those who have no problems fighting dirty. I sure hope we figure it out soon.

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