Dann Berg
sr. technical program
manager and writer

Hello, I’m Dann. I work at the intersection of engineering, finance, and cloud cost optimization. In simpler terms, I help make big, scary cloud bills not so big or scary.

Want to do a deep dive? There’s more on my About page, or you can check me out on LinkedIn, Github, AngelList and Twitter. If you want something more personal, you can find me at the monthly NYC FinOps Meetup, which I run. It’s also pretty easy to find more about me with a quick Google search. Spelling Dann with two Ns is great for SEO.

In a past life, I was a tech journalist, and my writing has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, The Verge, Mashable, Laptop Magazine, and Tom’s Guide. I also co-authored two full-length plays with my wife, including “The Floorshow”, which is about a group of tap-dancing showgirls in the 1950s.

I live in Brooklyn, New York with my wife and our cat.

Selected Output

  • A lot of my writing can be found on the articles page. Much much older blog posts can be found on my old blog IAmDann.

  • I wrote a play with my wife called The Floorshow about a group of tap-dancing showgirls in the 1950s. It had a week-long run in 2019, which went really well.

  • I've always loved irreverent-yet-informative neighborhood blogs. Downtown Brooklyn was lacking in that regard, which is why I launched Oh No DoBro. Currently, it's just me (which is why posting is sporatic), but I do imagine roping in some neighborly help one of these days.

  • For all the crypto-investors out there champing at the bit: yes, it is possible to own original Dann Berg NFTs. Get 'em while they're hot.

  • Though now defunct, I used to actively update my website Novice No Longer. It also had a podcast that people seemed to like.

  • Here's some of my work from when I was Reviews Editor at The Verge.

  • You can check out a video of my play "Diary: A One Act Play" being performed in Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 2015 Spring One Act Competition.

  • There was a time that I documented sticker art around New York City and published the website Stickers of NYC.

  • Even though they're no longer available, I have fond memories of my three apps: Reader Tracker (iOS), Watcher Tracker (iOS), and WorkBurst (macOS).