Hello. I Am Dann and this is my website. It hosts all my writing on technology, finance, productivity, entrepreneurship, writing, and more. It also serves as a centralized hub to link together my creative output.

I am a CloudOps Analyst working at Datadog in New York City (see disclosure below). I’m part of an engineering team focusing on Cloud Cost Optimization (a field that is starting to be known as FinOps). We bring visibility, understanding, and cost-optimization to cloud bills.

What is this site?

I keep creating new personal websites, but can never seem to take down the old ones. My first ever blog was IAmDann.com, and self-publishing there helped me secure my first tech journalism job. A few of those articles are re-published here, but the website and content is old and I’m mostly keeping it online as a time capsule for myself. Additionally, I created and maintained Novice No Longer several years back when I was freelancing full-time. Some of those articles have been re-published here as well.

I created this specific blog as a way to process my own thoughts. Explaining thoughts and concepts to someone else helps me learn and think. You’ll find articles and tutorials on a wide range of topics (whatever I’m thinking about at the time), and I hope you’ll be able to find something useful to you.

Some of the links (such as those to Amazon) are affiliate links. This means that if you click one of these links and then purchase something from Amazon within the next hour — even if it’s not the item I linked to — a small portion of your sale will go to me. That’s the best way to show your appriciation if you like any of the content here.

If you have any feedback or want to get in contact with me, feel free to shoot me an email at dann [at] dann-berg [dot] com. Or just shoot me an DM on Twitter.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer, or any other party. Usually no one sees them before they’re published.